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Merry Christmas

Well up at 9.45, prepared and put turkey in oven for 10 am and then I went out as promised for a Christmas Day 5k, lovely morning, drizzle in the air, but a lovely run a long the beach (but a bit harder than normal).

Well I have definately eaten the 600cal that Garmin says I burnt earlier.


Enjoy your holiday runs :-)

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Hi Phil well done. Ed




Well done Phil. It must be nice to be able to run by the sea, if rather windy at times (I used to live on Morecambe sea front so I know what I talk about there)! Are you actually running on the sand or on the prom, dodging the deck chairs? I've been promised a trip down to our local sea front today - it's sunny enough right now but heavy rain has been promised to start soon and not stop so we may change our plans.

You did well getting out for a while having got the turkey going. Sounds great (=bliss) to be able to get away from the hubbub for half an hour. Maybe I'll manage that next year - still coughing too much to run at the moment. I really want it to clear up *properly* before I venture out again. In the meantime talking to my new friends here is keeping me motivated to make sure I *do* start again soon.

Wish my Garmin said I burnt 605C for a 5 K run. I just checked my last one and it was 385 cals. Doesn't seem fair somehow - after all I was running for longer even if you did go faster :-)

Have a great Boxing Day



I ran half way on the beach (the compacted sand, not the fluffy stuff) and back along the prom. I'm think my garmin calories are a tad optimistic, but I am both tall and heavy so you never know.

Enjoy your trip out and hope your better soon.


Merry Christmas Phil! And well done, delia xox


Merry Christmas to you as well, enjoy the New Year :-)


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