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Any advice on running after/during illness please as I'm afraid I'm going to lose my fitness after working so hard to achieve the programme?

I have had a heavy cold for the last couple of weeks but managed to get out for a run this week end even though I'm still feeling pretty rough, only managed 1.5k. I graduated a couple of months ago and have been doing 5K at least twice weekly since then.

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I can sympathise as I got out yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks due to horrible cough / cold and it was tough as wasn't 100% (should probably waited a few more days) but did do a couple of miles - legs were fine but lungs / chest weren't happy

I'd recommend that you wait until you are feeling better before going out again (always important to listen to our bodies!!!). You won't loose fitness that quickly. Hope you feel better soon


NickiB - you'll be surprised!! honest, when I first went out after my weeks of various lurgies, I was surprised how much i'd retained my fitness. I mean, no gazelle (cause of course im not at that stage yet) my still plodding yak, but i was able to sort of pick up where I left off before the bugs. Im absolutely sure you will be able to too. But as AlibB1 says, you must feel absolutely certain you're up for your return run otherwise you'll be sick and disappointed.

plenty fluids, definitely keep the rest day and get back out there when you can.

get better real soon. alix


I'm still waiting to run like a gazelle!


i cant wait for that day AliB1!! they pass me - laughing, smiling and talking!! bejesus, im still trying to move and breathe never mind laugh, smile and chat!!



I agree, really wait until you are 100% but dont worry about losing fitness

it doesnt happen that quickly. Have fun, Ed x


glad you feeling better. just take it easy the first few runs. it will come back to you, you just need to ease back in & not push yourself too much. eat plenty to fuel you & like auntieali says, plenty of fluids (not alcohol though hehe even though it is xmas) & am sure it will all fall into place. sometimes its in your head so you may have to get rid of those running demons again. just remember, you were doing 5ks so you know you CaN do it.

good luck & seasons greetings. shelley


From personal experience I'd say not to run with a chest cold. Pro trainers say if it's above the neck, run. But if it's a chest infection don't run as doing so you risk losing fitness by running rather than resting and recovering.


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