I hate winter! the cross trainer is torture!

I started the c25k in June and although I haven't completed it (as that wasn't my personal goal) I am running 2 miles. I have lost 2 stone 8 pounds so far and still have a long way to go but I'm so pleased! I've dropped 2 dress sizes and I've found bones I didn't know I had...

I was given a cross trainer so that I could continue to exercise when its icy outside but its mental torture! I hate every second of it! I'm a bit frightened to go out running, whats everyone else doing during frosty conditions?

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  • Congratulations on your wonderful progress! I'm trying to fit runs in between frosty spells - we don't get much ice in the balmy south west! We have horizontal rain and the seagulls fly backwards a lot! :)

  • haven't run since Monday due to the icy weather and am getting really twitchy. Am seriously thinking of buying a treadmill or cross trainer to get me through the next couple of months.

  • I used the cross trainer instead of running when I had my hip injury because it is lower impact - I found that using the "Speed" podcast made it a lot less mind-numbing and you should find the interval training more beneficial as well. When it's icy outside, I plan to stick to trails rather than tarmac as they should be less treacherous and hurt less if I should slip !

  • I've just completed a gym induction so that I have the option of using all or any of the gym equipment during the winter. I've not yet braved the cross trainer (I hated it when I used to go to the gym regularly) but I used the treadmill and the static bike today instead.

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