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Wk9 R1

Still very chilly but not so much as yesterday - we did have a light covering of snow so I decided an extra day's rest wasn't a bad thing - so set off wearing an extra top, and even a hat! Now, I don't do hats, even for my sons' weddings, so that gives an indication of the temperature.

I varied my route a bit so that I wasn't checking off distance as I find that doesn't help me. I've discovered that my best tactic is to not keep checking the time or distance but just keep going for as long as I can. When I know I'm nearing home, that's when I check. Hopefully I'm around the 25 min mark so I can keep pushing for another 5 minutes or so.

Well, today I did 5.7k in 39.09. I thought I might be close to my previous 37min but was staggered by that! Just wish I kept going a bit longer and done 40mins or 6K!! However, I know I shouldn't be greedy - don't want to overdo it and then find I'm really sore or that I can barely manage 20mins next time!

Eight weeks ago, I barely finished the week2 90sec runs. Running for 30 minutes seemed impossible. (And still does, if I'm honest!) So, anyone who is just starting out and finding it tough, please, please have confidence that you can do this! I can't emphasise enough just how amazed I am at what I'm achieving!

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Beautifully done, Dottie!! 5.7K in 39.09 is quite a run!!! Good for you!!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Hi Dottie thats fantastic, really well done! Please remember we all have off days. Last saturday i ran 5 K in 35 mins but tonight i only managed 2.5 k in 26 mins! Ed


Well done, that is brill! You should feel so proud of yourself! And only 2 more runs to go before you graduate!


Just 2 more runs to Graduation!!!! Very well done and enjoy your grad week! :-) Gayle


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