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Achieved a couple of firsts tonight

Have had lower back pain since I did my Park Run on Saturday, nothing too painful but just a nagging. So checked it out on the internet (like you do) and apparently I am leaning forwards (yes I think I do) and what with doing more training than normal last week and a Park Run I just think it's taken it's toll. Solution apparently is to change the way you run and to improve your core stability (easier said than done I thought).

Well although my back was sore decided I would try my first long slow run as described in my running magazine. These are done at a slower pace, so you get used to increasing your distance. So off I went on the treadmill at 4.2 mph, chest stuck out so I wasn't leaning forwards. I did almost come flying off the treadmill when my son came home from school - must remember not to turn around to talk.

So it was the first long slow run I'd done, it was the longest distance of 4 miles I had achieved and the longest I had run without stopping just under 1 hour. In addition my back is fine, in fact it hurts less now than before I did the run. Did give it a good stretch out afterwards.

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Excellent advice and well done. I like the Parkruns as i like to run

with other people. I dont really have back problems but i do with

knees and my feet. I dont have a treadmill so i have to run outside

all the time. Good luck and i hope you back problem is sorted, Ed.


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