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i've made a start


have just completed my first ever run, i only managed 5 out of the 8 run sections but thats better than i thought, i am intending to do week 1 twice so hopefully by the time i get to next week i will be able to do all 8 run sections, considering i am so overweight and unfit i am pleased with how it went and am looking forward to the next one. (i never thought i would ever hear myself say i was looking forward to running lol)

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Hi joblo well done and welcome to C25K. I am on W3 but i am doing the whole

programme for the second time, i started originally nearly 2 yrs ago. It is hard

work and you will wonder why youre doing it. However stick with it, its

definately worth it. Good luck and keep going, Ed.


Welcome and well done on your first run. Just follow Laura's advice about keeping to a jog rather than an all out run and you will do it.


Welcome and well done! This programme is amazing, take it from a very short podgy 51 year old who had avoided running for about 35 years before finding this! :-)

Well done, I repeated Week 1 and Week 2 cos I struggled but do what feels right ;)

Good luck witht the rest of it !


Brilliant - well done. Keep going, do it at your pace and you'll marvel at the changes. Don't give up. You'll find that in no time you'll be amazed that you can run straight off for 30 minutes.


WELCOME!!!!! I could not run a few of my 1 minute sessions just 4 months ago and I now "graduated" running 30 continuous minutes. My 1 month after graduation current run is 40 minutes. Go slow, take your time, repeat runs if needed...have faith in the program and never question it. We are here any time of the day/night to offer support, encouragement or advice. Wishing you a great second run! Gayle


Marvelous start, Joblo!! You have taken the hardest steps of the program...the ones that take you from the couch and out the door!!

I agree with Gayle, take your time and believe in the program, but most of all...BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! :-)

Keep us updated and Keep Running!!



Brilliant and welcome to the community. Keep us posted, won't you? Good luck and Happy Running!


Joblo I started it on Saturday and will do my third run tomorrow. After my first run I too decided I'd have to do week 1 twice before even thinking of stepping it up but my second run went so well I now feel confident about at least attempting week 2. By all means repeat it if you feel you need to, I'm just saying you might be surprised how you feel after the 2nd and 3rd run of week 1.


well done that's the spirt keep on running

Good for you, I keep on doing the runs until I can complete three on the trot - week 1 took 5 attempts but then week 2 was fine, struggling with week 3 though - three attempts and three failures to complete - just don't seem to be able to get past 2 minutes on the final run but am I downhearted - yes but not yet defeated - another go on Wednesday. Keep on with it

thank you for all your comments, i did run 2 today and managed to up it to 6 out of the 8 run sessions so progress from mondays start. it was so cold tonight, i think i need to wear more layers, planning run number 3 for friday morning so not been put off yet

listen to your body and take it as you can, I am onlyon week 2 although been at it for 3 weeks, first run week 2 went great then next 4 not so good but have finished 2 on trot now so after next one going to try week 3, although I dread the thoughts of having to rn for 3 minutes but if it takes me 3 weeks to get over it so be it, at least I am doing something, if I dont think I can do it I still go out and just walk it but still listen to podcast, give you the boast to try again, like you are missing out on progressing if you know what I mean. Everyone is different and if someone told me a month ago I would be out 3 times a week doing walk/run for 40 mins I would have said never, but I am and so will you be. Keep going PMA all the way, I constantly talk and big up myself :)

Well done so far! You will soon be amazed at your progress, just keep going as you are, slow and steady. Good luck and keep us posted :)

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