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Wk7R1 my own special way!

Set off full of enthusiasm and really determined to do it after my little set-back on Wednesday. But almost from the start my legs didn't feel quite so enthusiastic - it felt like I was still running through mud! They got heavier and heavier and I was getting slower and slower and after about 15 mins they gave up. I was so cross with myself.

To get home I had to dash across a busy road in between traffic and then I just carried on...and on....and on...! Even when the podcast finished I decided to keep going to see how long I could go on for and blow me, I actually managed the full 25 minutes that time! On top of the previous 15. So, I know that I can do it.

I don't know if it was the cold air, tiredness, a psychological barrier or what. Anyway, I'm going to take 2 days off and try again on Monday. Maybe a longer warm-up walk is what I need - and perhaps I'll try a different route too. But, I did run non-stop for 25 minutes in the end!

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Congrats! You did it!!


YOU DID IT, DOTTIE!! Ok, so it took an extra try, but YOU DID IT!! Well done!!

Maybe I am running my mouth when I should keep it shut (We Americans are known to do that! :-) ) but it sounds to me like you have a mental block that you aren't getting through. Once you stopped and had given up, your mind quieted and the gremlins faded. You were running again before you could talk yourself out of it!!

Look at you...25 full, non-stop running minutes...I am proud of you!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thank you!

I'm not sure what the problem is but I've decided that if I have to take a few moments break and then continue, that's what I'll do. I seem to be able to run longer and faster afterwards anyway. Hopefully, my stamina will increase and I'll be able to go non stop.

Maybe I need to do a running warm up to get into my stride so to speak!

Steve, as far as I'm concerned, you keep that mouth running!!


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