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Just back from w6 run 3 - officially a runner!

Blimey that was hard! The first 5 mins were really tough, hardly drank any water during the day today ( usually drink loads) and I was so thirsty during run and had a small stitch. I celebrated by getting a bag of crisps and a choccie, that'll be why I'm not getting any thinner :-(

I took a different route today and I noticed I covered 3.50km which is less than I covered when I ran 20mins! I was walking pretty slowly during warm up though. Amazed that I did it but disappointed in distance a little

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Hi Runningnewbie, please don't be hard on yourself! You've just ran for 25 mins!! That's a great achievement irrespective of speed or distance, be proud!!! :)


Well done Runningnewbie!

We're at the same stage but I couldn't tell you how far I run - I just aim to complete the time. Don't get hung up on distance, that will sort itself out once the stamina and speed increase (well that's what I tell myself anyway!). See you in Week 7!


Beautifully done, Runningnewbie!! You are now 2/3 of the way through the program!! Look at you go!!

I have to echo what the others have said. Don't sweat the distance, but rejoice in the 25 minutes!! A few weeks ago you began this program running 1 you are up to 25!!! Now that is what I call progress!!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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