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Finally nailed 28mins!

After a disastrous first and second run in week 8 saturday 17th and Thursday 22nd November and a horrible wet day on sat 24th nov I didnt try again until sunday when I went to the gym and used the treadmill and followed laura's podcast for week 8 for first time and finally managed to run for 28mins!

Can I count the other runs mentioned and call week 8 complete or do you have to run 28mins in full three times to have completed the week?

I decided to repeat week 8 and did my first run tonite (tues) on the treadmill and again managed to run for 28 mins and in fact could have run for longer as I also could have done on sunday.

I do however have a problem as my second run will be on friday but I cannot do my third run until monday next week as am in London at the weekend then week 9 will begin on wednesday and end on sunday 9th december.

Am really pleased I managed to run for 28mins eventually and that I could have gone on longer. My calves always ache for the first ten minutes then ease off halfway through.

Although I dumped Laura for week 7 following my disastrous run one in week 8 have decided to stick with her until the end now.

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Hi Ebony,

You've run 28 minutes twice, if you do the same on Friday then technically that is week 8 completed. It really depends how you feel if you want to go straight into week 9 or do another run at week 8, but if you felt you could run for longer then I know what I'd be doing ;-) 2 minutes isn't a lot more to ask of yourself, but we are all different, so listen to your inner voice and do what feels right for you. I'd probably set my 'minimum goal' for the Monday run at 28 minutes and if I pushed through to 30 then I'd count it as w9r1. That sets you up for success, either way.

I also dumped Laura when the music got to me, but picked her back up at the end. Good luck, have a great weekend in London



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