Decided to move on to the Stamina podcast. It was tough! An extra five minutes doesn't sound like much but your body is crying out "ok, that's enough!".

Luckily I had a day off and could have a nice hot bath afterwards.My 5k time was about the same as before but got 6.22 km in the 35 minutes which was great. Was very grateful to get my late lunch as well.

Will be fun to do Speed and I reckon I will give Stamina another go at the weekend. Just been told of a 5k run in the new year which could be fun, however the route goes up some very big hills indeed. Might need a bit more training!


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9 Replies

  • I was thinking of doing Stamina tomorrow morning but think I might wimp out and do Speed instead. It's strange how only a week after graduating (and 2x stepping stones and 1x speed since then) I'm already doubting whether I can still do 30 minutes. I think life has taken over a bit to much....

    Stamina at the weekend sounds a better plan - just wish speed was a few mins longer!

  • wow! 6.22km in 35 mins! Speedy. Well done! :)

  • I thought that too - mightily impressed and a little bit envious ;-) Well done !

  • Great work mabbers, you're a star!

  • The distance is probably a bit off. That particular route has caused my GPS problems before. But not too much off as my 5k time was consistent with what I ran before. With a bit of luck I still made the 6k! I suppose the test will be to run it again on a route where the GPS behaves itself. Anyway, 2 days later and I'm still feeling the effects of the run. Planning to go out at lunchtime, might give Speed a go (the podcast not the drug or the Keanu Reeves film) if I don't collapse first.

  • Speed is before stamina mabbers, because it is interval running to set you up for stamina. I did it in the correct order, but found stamina grueling. Not only that I injured my left knee, so out of action! Yes, Ann wimp out of stamina until you've done a few speeds and got used to it. I intend to do that when I return to running. I'll start with Stepping stones, then speed, the free run. You should only do speed once a week because of its intensity I recall someone saying, and that's why it is only 16 minutes long.

    Well done in coping with it and finishing well.

    Keep on Running :-)

    Colette x

  • Ah, makes sense. Just finished Speed will write up a blog later. Thanks!

  • Hi, Colette, thanks for that advice. I've done Stepping stone twice and wondered which to do next. I'll definitely try speed and alternate with steppingstone and a free run before stamnina. Jan

  • No worries. I only got the info on the order from the website-so glad I did before I attempted any of it. A lot of people were putting me off the stepping stones for various reasons, but so glad I didn't follow the herd. How did your speed go?

    Colette x

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