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So that's what Blur were singing about!

Park-run! Or is it Park Life? Is it even Blur or have I just shown myself up totally?

That was fun! Maybe not for every Saturday as at the start I was thinking 'if I'd been running at home I'd be in the shower now', but for high days and holidays, yes. It was fun running with others, talking to people when running round, being overtaken at the start, (yay, we're at the back!), then going past them as they'd started too fast (not going to be last!). Queuing for the bar codes to be scanned, watching everyone run in fancy dress, no-one told me it was fancy dress, but then I probably wouldn't have even if I'd have known.

So now I need to wait for my time. First lap was 17.34, so probably on track for 35 minutes, which is good for me especially as it was a lot more undulating than I'm used to.

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Well done Beads! So many seem to be doing their first parkrun today; it's really encouraging. Fancy dress?? No I wouldnt do that either.....

The more I am reading about these the more I know I need to get myself along to Bromley.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Sue


Bromley is a great park run...nice and flat. We also have a new one in Orpington (my local one) and both do free cake and coffee/ tea after. Let me know if you are venturing over this way :)


Got my results: dum dum dum........ (that should have been dramatic!)

34.41 :D

134th, I knew that, against everyone.

41st, just against the women.

Age grade???? 46.23% What does that mean?


Well done. I haven't tried a Park Run yet as the nearest is 32 miles away in Walsall but there is an active campaign to get a park Run going here in Telford and things are looking promising so hopefully I'll be able to partake soon :-)


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