Has anyone heard of or got a pair of 'TrimTech Technology' trainers?

I'm just reading an advert in the H&B magazine about the above trainers, they sound quite good, light weight with a 'unique TrimSole' ideal for walking and running. I've never heard of them before today and wonder if anyone else has? There is a promotion on with H&B just now if you quote code TSHB2 you can buy for £24.98 instead of £49.95. Would say these are more for women though as size 3 -8. Web address trimsole.com

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  • Are they similar to fitflops and the like?

  • Not sure poeciliarculata but having checked out the website I don't think they would be very hard wearing some how, I may be little but I go through shoes and trainers like a baby elephant!!