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Squelch squelch squelch oh no my shoe! ouch!!

Well that's how my run started off today. It must have been raining heavy last night as my usual lunchtime route was a mud bath.

I'd literally run 20 paces when my left foot sunk in some mud and my shoe stayed there as I ran forward another 4 paces! In my lovely new white socks as well!

I turned around to pick it up and as I bent over a sharp pain in the back of my thigh!

I probably should have stopped running then but kept going hoping it would ease off.

I'm sat in bed now with it hoping the pain will be gone by tomorrow!

I'm a bit gutted as I really wanted to step things up this weekend.

Was planning 2-3 hour mountain bike ride and saturday and 2 hour long run on Sunday. I think I may be risking further injury now though :(

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Oh no - be careful and look after yourself. hope it all heals soon


Oh no, I've never run out of my shoes yet; that is some sticky mud! I hope the thigh heal quickly.


Thanks for the support! I'm gutted as I was planning on really ramping things up this weekend! :S


Back on track yay! Well after resting my leg since thursday i decided to go out mountain biking today. I did 23km around Sherwood Pines trail centre. I'm getting nervous about the offroad duathlon I entered now though as its 7.5 km trail run followed by 24 km mountain bike ride followed by 6km trail run. My thighs are pretty sore just from doing the riding today! Well back into it and hopefully no more injuries!


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