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A cautionary tale of crash and burn!

Hello everyone, I've been lurking on this forum for a while, but haven't joined until now.

I started c25k in early September but crashed and burned during week 6. I ended up injuring my calf muscle and losing interest and momentum. After reading many of the posts on here I have realised that I was just far too ambitious - I was pitching myself against the distance too much rather than concentrate on just managing the time, regardless of pace.

After two weeks of rest, I have hopefully put my injury behind me and am going back to week 4 which is, on reflection, where I think I started to make mistakes.

I will do this ... I WILL!!!!!

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Good luck!!


Good luck, hope it goes well :)


Welcome back, Saruma!! Many of us have fallen victim to the same "I have to be fast" fallacy that you described. You are a much smarter runner this time around!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Well done saruma on coming back and for sharing your experience for us to learn from! Good luck!



Good luck and let us know how you get on!


The same happened to me at week 1 run 3 - I think I was going too fast too soon and injured my calf muscle as a result. After a 4 week break I started the programme again from scratch and I'm now at week 6 determined to finish. Love your attitude - good luck!


Good luck. I fell in to the same trap and assumed that if I completed all the runs I would be running 5K. Near the end I was too set in my ways and was desparate to run 5K in the 30mins mark. I did probably push myself too hard but (touch wood) have avoided anything more than a slight twinge in my calf muscle because I completed two runs in the week rather than the three, partly due to working shifts but I think that's the only reason I haven't ended up in the same position as you.

I'm off to run the BigFunRun tomorrow and after that am going to take things a little slower and get myself in to the gym to build up some muscle. Good luck with the rest of the plan ;-)


WELCOME! I am so thankful I found this community at the beginning of my C25K journey. I learned I didn't need to be fast or over-exert as a runner, I just needed to follow the program to a T, at my fitness level and I would succeed. Wishing you a successful running future! :-) Gayle


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