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Finally made a decision & ordered my treadmill

I had done quite a lot of research and decided which treadmill I thought was best for my budget. A friend had also recommended the model and the company I was going to order it from. Placed order online and then got a call to say that they didn't have that one in stock and didn't know when they would be getting anymore in. Suggested another make, so said I would take a look and get back to him.

Once I started looking again I got really confused so I rang round a few other companies. I could still get the original one I was interested in from another company but they all seemed to be telling me the alternative brand was slightly better and had a better warranty.

Back to original company to discuss and they offered me a more expensive machine (by £200) for only £50 more but when I looked at the spec it was quite a bit larger and they are large enough anyway.

Finally and unfortunately I had to go with another supplier but I have decided to go for a Nordic Track T9.1 with i fit module - I even got a free mat to put it on. Can't wait for it to arrive, just need to clear out the playroom now - that's going to be fun!!!!!

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bet you cant wait to get it :) when running indoors I get soooooo hot so when I use min I have a portable fan pointing at me to try & give some breeze & stop me dripping :)

have fun. x


Treadmill has a fan and the room is the coolest in the house so hoping that will help but do have a fan which I can use if needed.

Thanks for that.


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