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Week 5 Run 1...again

due to 2 sets of family visitors staying over, I wasn't able to run for a week

I wasn't sure how far back to go in my training so thought I'd just repeat the last run I did, and the tactic seems to have worked, still completed the run so feeling good!

Now if anyone can solve the mystery of why I'm not losing weight with all this exercise (excluding the last week) then I'd really be interested, I've tried eating better at same time as starting the programme but no weight coming off, though I do seem to be finding my waist so assume it's the usual build up of muscle? Well, that's what I'm pinning hopes on!!

here's to the rest of the week

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That's excellent that you could pick up where you left off.

Re the weight thing, as you say - I bet your shape is changing, even if the scales aren't. I've been using mapmyrun to not only log my physical activity but what I eat on a daily basis - that way I can make sure that I don't overindulge in the empty-but-easy-to-eat-and-forget calories of things like biscuits etc. It also adds in the calories you've burned from any activity and gives you a running total of how many you've got left. But, whatever, you're doing really great by keeping going.


Since starting C25K I have basically stayed the same weight but had to part with some clothes that have gotten to big. Like Viv said, I think our shapes are changing, I'm starting to see a waist! :-)


Hi karenberry13

Glad to hear that the re run of week 5 R1 went well. I am about to start week 5 this week , I haven't managed to get out of the door yet, but really will today !! I am sitting here working at the moment, but want to get on with the run , it looks really nice out there . Wishing you luck with run2 then, let us know how it goes :-)


hi thanks all for the support, it does make a difference. i will have a look at mapmyrun in a min, sounds a good idea re calorie counting


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