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Moving Forwards

So having, through misfortune, skipped week 6 run 1 and gone straight to run 2, I was faced with a dilemma. What run to do next? Well inspired by a commenter I decided to go forward and tackle run 3.

Headed out from work at lunchtime again. Facing a 25 minute run was a bit unnerving especially when I had cheated Laura by skipping a week. Sorry Laura. But off I went anyway.

Well I got through it, at no great speed I should say, but I didn't stop. Hit a bit of a wall when Laura told me that I had 5 minutes to go but it was fine. It was a real ego boost to do the 25 minute run.

Next time out will be Saturday morning I reckon and I'm looking forward to whatever the next challenge is.

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Well done :-) Running for 25 minutes feels great doesn't it? Week 7 is "just" more of the same and week 8 a little bit more. As will week 9 be (I have last run of week 8 planned for tomorrow)


Thanks Idris, nice to know that I just need to carry on the same pace for a little while. I'm not too bothered about distance yet, will worry about that later. I felt like I had really had a proper run and some proper exercise after this run. Also after the first run in week 7 I might try my own playlist which would be a nice change if I can remember to keep the bpm fairly moderate!

Loving the Ivor the Engine reference btw :)


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