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Nowhere to run to

The omens were not good for todays run. I have had a 4 day break with no runs for a start. To follow that up I was staying with a relative who is something on a bon vivant so ate and drank some very nice things (the day of game pie and homemade dry martinis springs to mind)! On the plus side we did go walking every day so it was not an entirely sedentary trip.

So ready for my lunchtime run, only to discover that I had somehow failed to add the week 6 run 1 to my ipod, instead I had two versions of run 2. My plan to repeat wk5 run3 also failed, that was gone too.

I had no choice, I had to defy Laura and go straight to run 2. When she warned me at the beginning that I should have done all the previous podcasts, I looked guiltily at my feet. Well, the run went fine. I could feel my leg muscles straining, but no real problems.

So the only remaining question is, what do I do now? Wk 6 run1? repeat run 2 or on to run 3?

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Keep going forward my friend, and don't look back.


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