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Graduate gone wrong! help!

I completed couch to 5k in May, after that I tried to continue with the pod casts and my own music awaiting the release of 5k +, I found it hard to keep motivated and with a series of other events, holiday, job change, house move, my last run was in July!

Where should I start from, should I go back to week 1?

I keep thinking about dusting off my trainers and having a go, but struggling with motivation!

Maybe today is the day!

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It would depend on your activity levels since July I guess.

I would try week 1 & see how you do. If its easy move to week 2 etc. You need to gauge your level of running stamina and going back to the beginning/early weeks will help you find your level.

There is no harm in starting from scratch again, you may find it more beneficial to do so.

You must've enjoyed it to complete it before, I think you should just 'go for it' get your trainers on and don't look back!

Keep blogging too, this amazing community will keep you going, especially when you don't feel like it.

Good luck & keep us posted :)


JayLou I did much the same thing. Graduated in July and then stopped running over the summer. I've started back at week 1 again. I guess it is harder mentally this time, because I am annoyed with myself for letting it all go after working so hard the first time, but I am confident I will be back to running 30 mins before I know it! Keep the faith - you can get back to it.


Thanks guys, just decided to get out there and give it a go.

To my horror I only have week 4 onwards and the pod casts were no where to be seen on iTunes this morning, so decision on where to start was made for me!

It was ok though, phew!

Just got to stick with it now!!! At least I have week 5 r 3 to look forward to soon!


Well done on getting back out there, you will be back in the swing in no time :-)


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