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Quietly pleased with myself today

The alarm went off at 5.45 am and I struggled for motivation I turned over deciding I'd run another day. Well guilt got the better of me and I headed out of the door at 7.40. It was light so I decided to runout in the country on a new route. I thought I was struggling a bit so it would be slow...and I was back in the hills again... and the last km trying to dodge sleepy high school pupils stumbling to the bus stops. When I got back I was pleasantly surprised to find that I'd run for 7km at a pace of 5:49perkm. Further than I've run before and still at a reasonable (for me) pace.

...and as I'm out for a meal tonight with friends...that's 561 calories in the 'red wine bank' :)

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Love the 'red wine bank'! I'm just preparing to go out on my first stepping stones run from 5k+ programme and planning tea and the thought had crossed my mind that I'd have a glass of white wine tonight as a wee reward! Enjoy your night out - you deserve it!


Wow, that's impressive! Enjoy that red wine - you've earned it :)


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