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Managed to Run Again

Despite my problem with my last run or more accurately non run, today the dog and 1 went out for a run, we didn't attempt w8 but instead returned to w6r2 and am pleased to report that we managed the whole run, legs still hurt and have a very annoying pain in my left calf, but the important thing for me is that I enjoyed my running today. Will not be attempting another partrun this weekend but will build up running time and try again soon. Well done Twixie for keeping me going!!

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Hi rolphie, well done for getting to the end of your run. I've been taking 2 days rest between runs as I had started with some niggles but find they're kept a bay by the extra day resting. You're lucky Twixie can keep up with you, our old black lab doesn't come with us as even my rather slow run is too much for her now!


Thanks, it is more a case of me keeping up with Twix, we are both rather leisurely! I enjoy running with him it gives me more focus so I hope we can both keep it up for a long time to come!


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