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W1 R2 (Road)

2 down 25 to go! Could have put this one off as I got home from work late and had not had the best day, but instead I got changed as soon as I got in and decided to brave the road instead of the gym treadmill. It was definately harder than the first one as it wasn't all flat but it seemed to fly by. Just had a nice bath to celebrate! W1 R3 bring it on! :)

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well done, keep it up! Its such a good feeling, especially when you don't cave in to the 'lazy' voice in one ear ;-)


It's a great feeling, isn't it? It sounds as though you're well on the way to catching the running bug! Well done!


Thanks guys. The bath didn't do much good - my legs are hurting today!!! No pain no gain as they say.


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