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Counting the cost

I have not run in over a fortnight. I took all my running gear on holiday with me and was really looking forward to running along the beach at dawn in the lovely warm sunshine. But it was not to be. I was ill from getting off the plane, throughout the holiday and now a week back home am just beginning to pine for a run, so I'm on the mend.

So I have only just had enough energy to lurk on this site and see how everyone is progressing - although there seems to be quite a lot of injury out there. :(

I got to thinking how they say that running need not cost you anything to start. That is slightly misleading isn't it? I started with just a new pair of trainers, the old ones being quite worn and I had an old wicking top. Soon I needed a new top, a new pair of headphones as the old ones would not stay in place, a decent sports bra, a pair of wicking pants (thought my legs were too solid to look good in a pair of capris!), a belt thingy to put my phone in and finally a graduation t-shirt. Hurray!

But it does not stop there. Now its getting cold I need a long sleeve top or jacket. All this is stuff that, if you want to be comfortable, you do need. Maybe they should amend that line on the site to 'Running can become quite an expensive affair'.

But then we all know its worth it don't we?

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At least you don't run a race car :P


Yes I started doing the c25k before realising the error of my ways and have now taken up nude canal swimming without wearing goggles. It doesn't cost me a penny and you should see my bank account! Far cheaper than this running lark.


New trainers from Tesco, as before this I just didn't have any.

3 weeks later, proper trainers.

Sports bra.

Capri legging thingies (coz I don't care if my legs look big, I don't want to be too hot)

That was about it, and the tesco trainers now get used for bike riding or general slobbing in the garden. The sports bra comes trampolining with me and the capris did for the gym in the summer when the sun decided to put in an appearance (when the kids and I went back to school).

Fairly cheap.


I promised myself some 'proper running kit' when I graduated. So Saturday afternoon (did W9R3 in the morning) saw me at a running shop getting proper long trousers (tights?) and a proper day-glo pink top. Then I came home and bought a graduation t-shirt (which had to be pink to match the stripes on my new trousers) and I decided I needed a long sleeved top as well, so I got one of those, but in yellow as the choice was yellow or black (navy?), no pink :(. I'll see how I go with the long sleeves before I go and get a jacket, but will the yellow and pink stripes on the trousers clash? Do I now need black trousers with yellow stripes? Mmmm, I see what you mean, this 'free' exercise could get pricy.... ;)


Running on sand is highly overrated, and very difficult! Congratulations on getting better; that yearning for a run feeling is always a good sign.


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