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Could I run any slower?

The answer to that is YES! Today I did my local park run (its only it's 4th event) and boy was it hard. Reassuringly nearly everyone I spoke to found it a lot harder than last time and times were a few mins slower. Today I did the run in 38 mins which is 2 mins slower than last time and 4 mins slower than my best ever 5k. I do feel like I am going backwards but know that as this course is harder I have to work on my PB for that course not just 5k. On a positive note I will have my highest ever finishing position (does it matter that I was 3rd from last????) and think I have found the right park run family for me!!!! (I am be lucky as there are a number of park runs reasonably close to me)

Enjoy the fab sunny day folks!!!!:)

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sounds like fun Ali. so you were 3rd from last??? that seems reasonable to me :)

how was the course harder? were there more hills than the others that you have tried?

shelley x


More hills and I find as its 3 laps that the motivation is harder. Today was not helped by. The mud and very large deep puddles!


Well done Ali! Three laps is hard enough without mud and puddles!

No, it doesn't matter what position you come, be proud, you are getting out and doing it!


Well done Ali. Mud and puddles sounds like fun!


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