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Woo hooooo!!! 20 mins & a bit to spare!!!

Just completed the dreaded W5r3.

I wasn't looking forward to this at all as it seemed like a proper run!!!

Due to work commitments I had to do this on a treadmill in the gym, rather than round my local country park - this definitely helped my "pace & consistency" (which was set at 8.5km) but the countdown of the last 5 minutes was murder!!!! I kept trying not to look at the clock but every time I glanced down only another 30 secs had gone!! Aaarrgghhhhhh!!!!

I had come too far to fail though - and kept up the pace until the end - I even managed a last 45 secs run during my 5 minutes cool down walk to ensure & (just) broke through the 4km mark.

Dead chuffed I did it!!

I am sure this programme is doing me good physically - but I think the big change for me is mental. I always used to "have to" stop frequently when running, I could never figure out way and it frustrated me no end. Now with a goal to aim for and a little voice in my head telling me what to do (thanks Laura!) I am starting to believe I don't "have to" stop.

Thanks to all who post on here - the stories of your achievements and encouragement to get us following in your wake are a great help.

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Well done Spud it's a great feeling isn't it ? I suspect you'll be buzzing with it all day.


Well done! I also had to do W5R3 on a treadmill, and found it easier to pace myself, which I think was good timing as its a bit daunting before you do it.


Well done Spud, I have my W5R3 tomorrow :-)


Woould wish you luck Clare, but you won't need it - you'e ready, go do it!


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