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Off topic - Has anyone bought a new laptop/computer lately and found their Internet still a bit slow?

I bought a new laptop last month and still found the internet slow on some sites, this one being one of the worst. I spoke to Sky (broadband supplier) about it and the result was a new router would be the answer. Well I wasn't born yesterday so said "Yeh yeh more money to spend but no guarantee it would solve the problem. Anyway router arrived today, instalation took only minutes for 1 PC and 2 laptops and guess what, no more chuggy chug chug. My lovely new super fast laptop is now so fast I can't type quick enough to keep up with it :)

The Sky Tech guy was very informative, the problem most people have is they buy new computers/laptops and forget to upgrade the router (his words not mine). So have you bought recently and are disappointed with speed performance? (not talking running now guys and girls :) ) then try a new router, it may just be the solution.

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Oooo, thanks for that, I just put our naff net speed down to living in the middle of nowhere! We've had our router for 'some time' to say the least, but I guess like most folks, if it ain't broke we don't fix it!! :)


Hi doggymum, I'm not guaranteeing that changing you router for a new model will solve all internet problems but its really speeded up all of mine. Thats 2 laptops, 1 PC and a Notebook. Our router was 6 years old+ I'm ashamed to say and I was expecting it to cope with a very high spec new laptop duh!!


I shall borrow mum's new 'hub' to try before buying one to see if it makes any difference. At least I won't be out of pocket if the speed is still slow :)


Our new super fast 4Mb computer is faster than our old steam driven self-upgraded 1.5Mb one, but the internet is still fairly slow. Which unlike Doggymum while we don't technically live out in the middle of nowhere (technically we're in London) we're so far from the exchange for some reason that BT say we can only get a top speed of 1.5M internet anyway. Our router is playing up and I keep thinking of asking bT for a new one, but then Virgin keep trying to flog us extra fast internet for the same price as BT give us slow internet, so when I get round to it we'll probably get a new virgin one.


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