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Speed - not liking it much!

Been out a few times since graduating but seem to be having more bad runs than good at the moment. I can now manage 5k but it takes me 38mins so I thought I'd try the speed podcast for the first time tonight. It was so hard! I thought the first bit after the warm up walk was the fast bit and tried my best to keep up with Laura's 1234, 1234 but no! Apparently this should have been the easy bit and the fast run was yet to come! Needless to say I didn't manage to complete the podcast so I think I'll stay away from speed for a while and give one of the others a go next time. Not feeling too disheartened though. Even if I'm slow I'm so chuffed to be able to run 5k!

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i quite liked the speed one, but not so much the others. shows were all different! i liked the fact it was shorter i think!

also i went and did a parkrun and i found that good motivation to cover the full 5k. previous to that i always stopped after the 30 min was up - i was never motivated to cary on and see how long it took me!


I've just blogged about the Speed podcast. I found it hard work, but enjoyed it.

Have you tried Stepping stones? You may find that more suited to your needs. It has:

10 minutes at 150bpm, 15 minutes at 155bpm, 5 minutes at 160 bpm (bracketed by walks as usual).


Thanks, think I'll try stepping stones next and see how that one goes. If it doesn't go well I'm just going to continue trying to do 5k for a few weeks until it (hopefully!) feels easier and then try the podcasts again.


I love Speed, its short but a good workout, don't discount it yet, try it again in another week you'll be surprised at the progress you can make using it. Good luck what ever you try. Remember it has to be fun, if its not enjoyable try another routine.


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