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my 10K race

What I learned from my first 10k race is that no matter how much you prepare for the race some things still slip through the net!

What I won’t do again: is run with clothes I haven’t worn before. My lovely new race outfit decided that heading south was the way to go so after repeatedly pulling up the trousers, I unpinned part of my race number and pinned the bottom and top together. Ruined the top but it meant I could concentrate on running!

I have also decided that running with a water bottle with a 50:50 mixture of apple juice and water is not for me, I hated the sticky hands I ended up with and I am sure the minimal benefit of the juice wasn’t worth the aggravation.

I have learned that eating jelly babies for energy just made me feel yuck, so that won’t happen again.

But loved the crowds showing their support and the whole race day vibe.

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Well done on a great achievement, you wont have been the first (and won't be the last!) to realise change is not good when it comes to turning training into racing! :-)


Well done, Mietjie. The slipping trousers must have been a huge inconvenience when all you wanted to do was concentrate on running. Trusty old safety pins to the rescue, but shame about ruining a running top.

The crowds and support for the runners and the atmosphere of the day was wonderful, wasn't it. Probably helped along my the good weather. I ended up at the event village from 10 am until about 3pm with waiting for the others in our family to complete.


Slipping trousers! Oh oh! Just adding my phone and mp3player to the back of my capris causes me enough problems!

Well done on your 10K Mietjie; so good to get an event like that under your belt. Congratulations!!



Thanks for all the excellent comments - I am still grinning when I think about my clothing dilemma, hope I gave the runners behind me a giggle or two!


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