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Celebrated too early methinks!!

Well after the buzz of finishing week 5, really thought I had this in the bag.... how wrong I was! Thoughts on week 6 run 1.. OMG that was really really hard work :( The first 5 minutes were great, thought I had a good pace going, maybe too good, was I running too fast? That is my fast, not fast fast (a little above snails pace) and was really into it. The middle bit was ok, but not sure my mind was there with me properly, I spent the last 5 minutes with a stitch, something I haven't suffered from before with this, and it was really, really painful. I did finish, but really not happy. I know what the problem was, I spent all day picking at food at work (it was one of those days), ah well, you live and learn, the next run will be much better ;)

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Don't fret about it, a lot of people struggle with Week 6 after finishing week 5. The 20minute run lulls you into a false sense of security and the intervals are quite tough but I think you're next run will be the last with intervals.

I find it a lot easier to start running and just keep going until I run out of steam as opposed to stopping after 5 minutes.


Mrwwest is so right! Week 6 was a rough one for me as well. Congratulations on getting into week 6!!


It's a fun old run week6, takes a lot of us by surprise.


Thanks all for the encouragement. Went out for w6r2 this morning, so much better than r1. Mind you, I do run better in the morning. I'm still in for the duration...... and beyond ;)


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