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W9R2..........a dry run!

Today I managed to dodge the rain, as it wasn't raining when I left home I decided just t-shirt, no jacket. My thinking being that if it did rain once I'd done my warm up walk I didn't care, but as it happens the rain stayed away. I managed the 30 mins, and covered more ground than R1. Thankfully my legs are less achy.

Now I have a dicision to make, do I run my final run on friday afternoon? or do I wait 'til Saturday and make my W9R3 an Parkrun?

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If I can stick to the schedule I have set out, my graduation will be a Parkrun 2 weeks on Saturday. Baptism of fire maybe but a nice way to finish my C25K chapter. Good luck whichever option you take. You're so nearly there.


Well a Parkrun would be great, but can you wait that extra day :-) to graduate.


Either way will call for celebration! Congratulations soon to be graduate!!!


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