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Well I just stepped things up a level!

Well I'd have never imagined I'd be doing this considering I was at the couch stage 3 months ago!

Not only have I just entered the 10k Leeds Abbey Dash

But I've also just entered the Kielder Forest Offroad Duathlon!

and I cant wait!! :P

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Ha ha love it! just signed up for my 3rd 10k - Old Deer Park Richmond, on the same day as your Leeds one. Dont feel tempted to branch into duathlons but wishing you good luck!


Good for you! Both these events look like great fun.


wow, good luck for both, you've really got the bug!

It's really inspiring to see how many people like you (and presumably like me of the future) are motivated to go from strength to strength. I can't wait to get back in my trainers (week enforced no training just as I was about to start W7) in a few days time.


Oh gosh, good luck! I'm keen to do the Abbey Dash at some stage, but it will have to be next year for me.


Thanks for the comments guys! Its great to have the support here although I am a bit worried about the duathalon! Although as long as I dont come very last i dont care! (Not that theres anything wrong with that!). Like you say swanscot it looks great fun!

Frazzles you know you could do the abbey dash this year. Its just under 8 weeks away. Check out this plan I'm following. You're already onto week 3!


Good for you! Can't wait to hear how you get on!

Thanks for posting the link, looks very do-able!


I'd not heard of a duathon before, but it sure looks like fun! I love how the web site says that the run in fairly level and then shows a picture of people tumbling down a hill :-)



Good luck with both the run and the dualathalon! i've got my first 10k on 14 October. I think all us graduates are doing fab...going from strength to strength!


Awesome thanks for the support. Good luck ali doing your first 10k!


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