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first run without Laura. Used the timer on my iPhone to time 5 minutes, then 25 mins then another 5 and hit the shuffle button. Fantastic, my own music!

So thanks to Slipknot, Dead by Sunrise, the Mission, Muse, Stone Sour, Duke Special and Eddie Izzard I did it and loved it!!

Still slow, but getting there :) :) :)

Same again on Wednesday methinks!

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Nickinocki, you are right behind me and doing great! I like some of the music Laura has to offer but after awhile, I agree, its better to have your own play list. Sounds like you had a great run!


Will do r3 with my own playlist, but straight back to Laura for support and guidance with the first run of week 8 :)


;-) I actually cheat a bit! I use an app on my smartphone which is very popular here in the states. Other then the prompts, I can listen to my own music. It is an identical program to Laura's, so the day of my run, I listen to Laura then I go out with the other program. It is Laura and all of you that has kept me on track. The benefit to the other is GPS so I can track pace/distance.


Well done! W7R2 for me too also without the podcast. Found he run to be the hardest thus far but still managed it.

Best of luck with the rest of he plan!


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