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I tried Week 1 Run 1 on the treadmill at the gym yesterday morning. And FAILED. I only did half. Fair do's I had a friend in need text whilst I was doing it but I really struggled. It seemed harder on a treadmill than it did last time I started it when I was running outside. Does anyone else find this?

I'm making second attempt tonight, so finger crossed I'll have more success!

:( x

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Could the pace be set higher? I'm doing the program outdoors so I have no treadmill advice. I just wanted to jump in and say welcome and wish you a better run this next time.


I've got to W9 by a combination of running outdoors and on a treadmill and whilst they are different I don't know that one is particularly harder or easier than the other. There are pros and cons with both. On a treadmill I think you're more in control of your enviroment (easier to speed up/slow down and find a pace that suits you) and there shouldn't be as many distractions! Perhaps that's the key. My advice would be ditch the mobile phone whilst you're running and treat yourself to 30 minutes alone with Laura! But welcome to the club, keep at it and good luck.


Hello and well done on (re)starting.

I did up to week 8 run 1 in the gym on a treadmill, partly so I could set my pace and stick to it and also because I was far too self conscious to run outdoors and risk ridicule. It could be you need to go a bit slower?

I am sure you will be fine on your second attempt. If not, don't panic, I had started to walk more building up to a faster walk for 30 mins each day with my dog before I started this programme and I am sure it helped me then so there is no harm to just walking briskly for the first couple of weeks?

Good luck.


Hi Colleen82

Welcome!!! Ive completed the full 9wks podcast

on a treadmill. i did fined it hard at first,but now

im fine. just take your time Laura is a big help.

Leave your mobile at home,distraction free. Im going

to do future runs outdoors from now on. Though I've

been told its alot harder than treadmill running

good luck with your future runs.


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