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Does anyone else purely run on a treadmill ? I feel like a am chesating slighlty as everyone mentions outside runs, would like to contact a complete treadmill runner if there are any .

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Hiya, I completed the whole programme on the treadmill and continue to run 3 times a week on it. I don't think I would have the confidence to run outside. I don't think it's cheating in any way, it's still time that you weren't sitting on that couch!


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Thank you


It's not at all cheating. I use my mill during the winter and only venture out to do the Parkruns. In fact I'm still running indoors during this cold spell.

Most people say that using the treadmill is easier and you would find it harder to run outside "in the real world". My experience is the opposite - the "real world" is easier than the mill. So my advice is to relax, carry on doing what makes you happy and comfortable. If and when you feel like you want to venture outdoors, just go for it!

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Thank you

I use the treadmill almost exclusively, I'd be nuts to run around the lanes where I live (especially in this weather) it's all single track roads/lanes with no pavements, I'd have been squashed by a Kamikaze Farmer by now, buried under a pile of Neeps or Tatties :D When I run outside I can't wear my headphones for this reason so at the moment I am sticking with the treadmill. I run with 1º of incline to emulate the wind resistance that would be felt if moving in the real world, unless of cause I am doing a hill/sprint program then it's much more.


I did all of c25k on the treadmill, then going on to do b210k on it aswell & managed 8miles of a 10 mile plan. I have now moved outside but occasionally run on the treadmill at the gym & admire anyone that can do more than 20mins on it as I just get sooooooo hot now. you are not cheating. you are still running. you just dont have pavements & obstacles like people & those dogs that like to say hello. x


I'm doing the 5x50 challenge and planning to do all runs. I really like the treadmill but blue skies and a frosty early morning tempted me outside 3 times last week. The 3 times range from one of the quickest, one in the middle and one of the slowest! I guess that just means that the treadmill is easily comparable to outside but you are going to be more affected by the conditions (wind, rain, too hot, too cold) than indoors.

For all that I like the treadmill it's definitely worth running outside too .... the best run outside will definitely be better than the best run indoors :-) Good luck

I've re-started C25k after getting a knee injury starting it out last year (wrong trainers, no stretching, etc!) Started to see a physio who recommended that when I started back to do it on a treadmill as there is less impact. Am at Wk7 run 3 now which I have done all on the treadmill, except for one run which I had to do over lunch at work, so went out to the park by my office (lucky for me, Hampstead Heath!) I agree that with the longer runs now it can be hard mentally on the treadmill, but I still find that aside from being careful for my knee, i enjoy the 'control' of running inside on a treadmill (ie. temperature controlled, dont need to worry about carrying stuff, set pace I can stay at and monitor, etc). I will prob keep it up until I finish the programme at which point hopefully the weather will be nicer and I will alternate with indoor (2x week) and outdoor (1x week) runs.

Don't worry- i have also felt a bit left out being one of the few indoor runners but its all about what works for you right?


Running on the treadmill is not're doing something so good for yourself--by NOT being glued to the couch-LOL! I'm doing a little of both (treadmill and outside), on week 5 and today for my third run of the week: I have to do it on the treadmill (it's pouring so hard outside), but I don't care...just the fact that I can run regardless of the weather makes me happy. Although, I have to say I do prefer running outside--so much more interesting than the environment at my gym. This community supports you no matter what! Run on! :D


I am on w6 run 1 - all treadmill at the gym. I have never run outside so have nothing to compare it to. I just feel great being the I have ever been. I like the fact that I can completely zone out and shut off my brain without fear if obstacles. I would like to try the great outdoors but am too shy so for now the gym and treadmill suits me just fine. See, there are more of us than you thought! X

I am on w4r2 and I have done it all on the treadmill so far. I did try to do C25k outside this time last year but didn't get past w2. I think because I can see my pace on the treadmill it makes me work harder than I did when I ran outside! I find it really motivating to see how far I've run each time too, I hit 2 miles for the first time today! 😊


I do the first session of each week with a leader which is outside in a grass park and the slope in it's a killer. Today I ran on the lanes and it was very little difference to a treadmill except it was incredibly hard on my joints and you cant have both your ear phones in. I am on W4R3 and it's endurance not enjoyment and the more I can zone out the better so for me the treadmill is preferable but my gym membership runs out end of May so will just have to get better trainers!

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