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5 a.m. in the rain - I need a hat!

I must be mad....agreed in a very rash moment to join a friend on a new route this morning, at his normal time of 5 a.m. It was pouring with rain, full on wind, and the sound of waves breaking just below us. It was amazing. Managed to run 5.6K in 40 mins, so not bad at all. BUT my head was cold! Went back to bed to warm up, but my head was still cold. Think I need a hat - he wore a baseball cap, our other friend passed by at 6 am with her waterproof hood up, but I'm wondering whether a knitted hat maybe warmer?

I'm going to hit town today and look in a few running shops. I really need some winter weather gear now!

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Sounds like a hat is required, a nice fair isle knitted one with a bobble for fun! I was feeling very self-righteous getting out at 7am. 5am is still night time! Go, you!


A hat would probably do you well, but not so sure a knitted one would be wise. I hate wearing hats so not the best person to ask, but surely a knitted hat would just soak up any moisture and make your head colder?

I picked up a nike dri-fit (or whatever it's called) baseball cap from SportsDirect a few weeks back for a tenner. That'll come to good use soon I suspect.


I wore a knitted hat with a peak earlier in the year - I felt warm by the time the water soaked through and stayed warm but that might not work for longer runs. A peak is definitely an advantage when it rains.


Thanks for all your 'hat' thoughts! I bought a beanie-type hat from a running shop in the end, haven't needed to use it yet..... It's really hard getting my temperature right - too hot, too cold, too wet, too sweaty. Ah well.


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