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Easy like Sunday Morning

Errr NOT!

3 mile run this morning and back to the hills. Factor in a very strong off shore wind and it felt like I was doing my speed session again but this time only running at 5mph. Oh that was SO hard trying to run up that first hill with the wind resisting all your efforts and I couldn't make the full 3 miles, had to stop at 2½ because I couldn't seem to get enough air in and I was wheezing a bit. Quite scary, but I know when I'm beat, so slowed down to a fast walk, recovered and trotted home. I have my first proper 5k charity race next Sunday so I'm sure this will be good training for it.

Going out this afternoon to get the garden into shape for the storm coming later tomorrow. Grass cutting, shrub pruning and tying up plants is all good exercise and I am going to be ravenous for the sunday roast this evening.

2 miles easy pace tomorrow morning, not sure my achilles heel will play nice though, it's stiffening up already. Lots of stretching required later.

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Well done that does sound challenging :-(


I love that song, but Sundays are usually manic in my household :D

I know what you mean about the hurried gardening! I was gardening all afternoon yesterday, but why oh why didn't I harvest the onions?? Madness. Now today I pick them all from the ground before they rot in the water.

Good luck with the 5k race next week!


Yes, it was horrible this morning wasn't it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for better weather for your 5k run next week.


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