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Lucky 7

Wasn't sure I'd make it today as was feeling a bit ropey in my yoga class, but my feet just took me down to the gym and popped me on the treadmill... voilà! It might not be right, but I think I run better brain was so out of it there wasn't the focus to worry/panic/think about stopping. Not going to make it a regular thing though!

So bye bye week 7. Haven't had to repeat any of the runs and it's gone fairly smoothly, which has cheered me up after a couple of outdoor run fails. Yay! Though I've managed to elongate my C25k journey somewhat, reaching 30 minutes is looking so much more likely. I was almost a bit worried about getting through it and not having Laura and the podcasts, but I know I have loads to work on to keep me going....getting to the end outside once I've completed on the treadmill, getting some speed going - I don't really measure any stats at the moment so maybe I'll start...I actually remembered to look at the treadmill today and was nowhere near there'll be that to work on too.

Anyway, getting a bit ahead of myself there, still have 6 runs to go...bring 'em on!

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Congratulations! I'm starting week 8 also. Can you believe we are this far? Wishing you a successful next few weeks!!!!


Thanks, and yes...we deserve a pat on the back for getting to week 8 (however long it;s taken me!) All the best to you and I'll be looking out for your progress update on here. We can do this!!! :)


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