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Pace for LSD run on 10K plan

Having completed C25K I immediately started on a 10K training plan. My plan consists of three different types of run each week: 1 x 30 mins intervals run; 1 x 30 - 40 mins hill run or tempo (I may swap about depending on how I feel); and 1 x 6-10 km Long Slow Distance run (increasing by ~10% each week).

I read that the LSD run should be at 'conversational pace', or about 60 - 70% of effort, but I didn't really know what that equated to in terms of pace.

Today I found this Training Pace Calculator which I think is very handy.

You enter your time for a known distance, for example 5K, and it calculates the optimal pace for your LSD run, tempo run, and intervals run.

Now I know I should be aiming for 8.34 mins/km for my long run, I shall slow right down. I went too fast today ;-(

I'm also pleased to note the suggested pace for my Tempo run is about what I managed using the Stamina podcast, so I shall continue to use that one day a week for the tempo run.

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Ha, long slow run. I did wonder what this was about.

Have you tried the B210K podcast that's floating about yet?


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