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Couch25K+ x 3!

I didn't want to run but I decided I'd try the Couch25K+. Really, I only did it to put off having to actually go out. I warmed up in the house and ran as soon as I went out. It was nice to hear Laura again, and nice to be told what to do! I'd worked out my route but trying to do 160 steps per minute was harder than I thought, I normally do about 400!!! My feet were suspended in mid air to run in time, and in the end, I decided to do my own thing! After less than 10 mins, I lost Laura but found her again. My mp3 player doesn't really let you choose which tracks to listen to, or whereabouts in the track. I let her carry on with the walking and then when I'd caught up with her, she got lost again! I couldn't be bothered to try again and carried on with my own music which is so not suitable for running. Diana Ross+'Touch me in the morning'?!?! On and on, no thanks to my music! I found the canal path painless really, so think I will do more as my knees aren't brilliant! Hard work but I got home and google mapped, to find I'd only done 3.2K. Then I realised I'd got off the canal one junction too early! I really need a running watch!!!

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This might be a silly question, but how do you listen to Laura plus your own music at the same time - can anyone help?

I've switched to my own music since Wk7 and time my runs with RunKeeper (which updates me every 5 mins) but I miss Laura :(


It's not a silly question at all BillyJoelle, but sadly I can't help! I'd just downloaded Laura along with my own music, so perhaps I sounded more of a techno whizz than I actually am!!! I'm sure if you put this on the questions page, you'll have a deluge of answers. Good luck!


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