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Still here! No more intervals for me.......eek!!!!!

So, after several wobbles, I completed week 6 run 3 today, it started off all wrong, party down to bad preparation from me, spent most of the day eating crap (my answer to stress is to eat bad things like most women I know) but I didn't actually eat any dinner, my run was planned for straight after work so I picked up some hot chicken to eat on my way home.

It was no shock to find that the food lay heavy on my stomach and the first 5 minutes of my run was hell on earth, I felt sick and my breathing was reminiscent of week 1, but I ran through it and fast forward another 20 minutes and I had overcome the urge to crawl instead of run and only bloody did it, had to listen to the whole of the cool down music just to hear Laura tell me I'm a runner, think I might have to join those of you who have abandoned Laura if the music for week 7 is as bad!

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well done nicolaclaire!


Yay! you are a runner :)

Reply least you got your run description correct.....I was so overcome I blogged that I'd done run6 of week 3!!!!

Week 7 here we come. Let us know how you get on?

Congrats....we'll be graduates soon :)


You're a runner!! Well done!!


Fantastic! You did it, even though it was tough! You are definitely right to think of ditching the W7 music. It's terrible. I just used W6R3 throughout W7.


Hello, fellow runner! I ditched the music just before W6R3 so I missed Laura telling me I'm a runner! so there are some benefits to keeping the podcasts!


Well done nicolaclaire, I'm really chuffed for you. :D I'd already ditched Laura by this run but I listened to her later from the safety of the couch, just so she could tell me I'm a runner. ;) I've had nearly a week off now, due to bad knee and new job, but hoping to be fit (and motivated) enough to try a run this evening. Reading blogs like yours is always great for motivation. :)


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