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Seriously sore muscle why - what should I do?

When I started the programme had no problem with my muscles being sore or hurting. Have done 3 runs using a interval training programme, so have been pushing myself and my muscles have been a little sorer. Today decided to just go out for a 3k run and see if my speed had improved but my right muscle (the one above your achilles) started to hurt and eventually I ended up walking after 2.5 miles. I stretched out but can hardly walk now. What is the best thing I can do?

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Apply cold and rest (frozen peas are excellent and very mouldable to specific places) If it doesn't improve or seriously affects your mobility you'll need to see a sports physio. I know this from reading running magazines and not actually getting an injury :p the running fitness website has lot's of advice on running induced soreness so I'd suggest popping onto there as well and seeing if anyone else has had a similar thing happen.

Hope it gets better soon!


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