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A change of route really helped for W4R1

After a tough W3R3 I decided to vary my route and hope this would help me mentally to achieve W4R1 - and it did! It wasnt just laps round a park this time but a different road there and back which gave more options to distract me. Will definately try and change routes more often now to avoid monotony....

I was so ready for this morning's run and though not up quite as early as some here (!) it was a lovely cool morning and I was feeling really positive after reading some blogs before going out. My breathing wasnt quite right to start with but as soon as I stopped thinking about it too much it seemed to get better - not quite the belly breathing technique yet but not as laboured.

The whole run, including the 5 min runs for the first time, went really well and sped by! I really felt I could go and do it again!! The most satisfying part was when Laura told me I had run more than I had walked for the first time - that felt so good!! Looking forward to Tuesday evening now.

Good luck to everyone else and especially you week 4ers out there!!!

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just started week 4 run 1 - best to run a varied route - I like looking at all the building works that are going on - particularly house extensions - it makes everything much more interesting! going to Spain this week so hopefully will be able to finish week 4 and start week 5. when I was nearing the end of session 1 week 4 had to add on a little distance otherwise I would have been running around in circles. Definitely very pleased with myself and never thought I could do it!!


Well done Montreal67! It is a great feeling isnt it when you have achieved something you never thought you could!

I keep checking out different roads to run nearby on mapmyrun otherwise I think I would get too bored. I did a different route this weekend for myW5R3 and it really did help make the time go quickly. Even running a route but the the other way can help.

Good luck for the rest of W4 and have a fab time in Spain!


thanks - I keep wondering if all these extensions I see springing up have planning permission - there can be an ulterior motive to my running!! W5 will surely be interesting - and I wil check out mapmyrun ..


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