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Completed week 6!!! Lorries and cows!

Went out at 9am this morning to try and battle my superstition about morning running. (The only time I've actually failed has been in the morning) Headed towards my favourite route and guess what? All the lorries were out resurfacing. No really! At 9am on a Sunday! And as anyone will know who has read my blog before, the road is just about wide enough for a lorry, not for running past a lorry.

Anyway, I set off anticlockwise instead of clockwise (in a mild panic, I have silly superstitions about these things too) in the hope that the lorry would have moved on by the time I got back round. Anyway there I was running along the straight thinking thank God I've lost the lorry, when up ahead what could I see but a Land Rover parked right in the middle of the road herding some cows across to a field opposite. Nooooooo. My only option was to turn back and run towards the lorry - but oh no, the lorry was coming towards me. Arrrgh! This took some quick thinking before I got sandwiched between a lorry and some cows! Thankfully there was a side road to the left, which usually I don't like taking because it only leads up to a busy A road with no pavements but I had no choice.

Ran up to the A road and turned around hoping that once I got back to my favourite lane one or other of the lorry or the cow herd would be gone. Thankfully the cows were now safely in their field so I could at least run one way, unfortunately it was the way further from my house when I should have been turning back home. But I could see the lorry which was now chucking horrible noxious fumes out the back and even if I did get past I didn't fancy starting to breathe in those fumes so near the end!

Anyway around 18 minutes I started getting a stitch and feeling really really tired and I thought I wasn't going to make it but I plodded on very very slowly and actually started to feel a bit better just before the 25 minutes was up. So pleased I worked through it. Phew what a run! I think that's what they call a mental challenge!

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Great blog and well done on finishing week 6! Keep it up :)


I love the pictures you conjured up in my head as I read this with a smile on my face - a great blog Pelephant! If only I had such distractions as cows - mine are just the lorries but do have the occasional squirrel!

Great news on completing W6 despite it all though!


Woohooo! Half past 9 was a good time this morning wasn't it!!!


Well done! At least those distractions made you forget about being tired/ in pain as I usually am on my runs!


Great blog. I have a great mental picture of a demented runner bobbing backwards and forwards accross the countryside trying to avoid cows etc. Well don eon sticking it out.


:) Great blog and love the description those seemingly mundane things ganging up on your run.


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