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The new podcasts and bpm and transcripts?

Hello I have a couple of questions regarding the new(Ish) podcasts.

Has anyone noted down anywhere what they involve? I had a quick listen to the stepping stones one and see that it's about maintaining a specific candence at a set bpm. It would be good to get an idea of what each involves before going out.

Also does anyone know how the bpm relates to km/m. So if you ran at 150bpm how long would it take to cover a km at that speed? Does anyone know of a list somewhere that indicates this for each of the bpm's you're likely to come across in these or audiofuel podcasts?

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I have no idea about the podcasts but here's a rough estimate of bpm and running speed per km, but it really does depend on how long your stride is.

120 bpm = 8:00 /km

138 bpm = 7:00 /km

155 bpm = 6:00 /km

160 bpm = 5:30 /km

170 bpm = 5:00 /km


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