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25 or 28 minutes worth

Here's my playlist for week 8:

Sean Penn 'She doesn't mind' The video's awful but it's good to jog to

REM 'Losing my religion' Oldie(ish) but goodie

Classic - 'When the rain begins to fall' Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora

Coldplay 'Viva la Vida' Brilliant

'Need you now' Lady Antebellum - this is the one Gary Barlow and somebody murdered at the Jubilee concert

Uriah Heep 'Lady in Black' Nice oldie

'Downtown' Petula Clark I can sort of remember this one... :-)

28 mins is them all, 25 is without Petula. Give or take a few seconds...

Hope all these links work.

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This morning I had

Coldplay - Vida la Vida

Martika - Love thy will be done

The Killers - Human

David Bowie - Heroes

Michael Jackson - Thriller

The Monkees - Daydream Believer

Queen - We are the Champions

This totals about 27.30 minutes. So I didn't get to Queen today, but definitely should on Friday when I start Week 8!

The Week 7 is dire, I couldn't bear to listen to it one more time!


I used to love the Monkees, must get some on my ipod. I'm starting W8 tomorrow.

You should save Queen for W9R3 last run, last song! Another good one is 'The show must go on' - I tell myself that when I start wondering what the *** I'm actually doing, plodding round the woods for the xth time...

Happy days!


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