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Feeling down

I completed the w4 runs in just over a week, I've had a pain just come on, I think it's probably a groin strain, it came on between w4 1 and 2, so I left it a few days until it felt better and me and OH finished w4 r3 last Thursday.

We finished on a bit of a high, we were on one of the walking sections when a young couple, perfect bodies, perfect clothes, perfect HAIR? not sweating, ran past us in the opposite direction. OH has always said "don't worry about what others think, it's not important" But we were on our last minute of the final 5 min run, having turned back, when hubby said " Don't you DARE stop, you will keep running whatever" he then speeded up!

A few seconds later I realised that the perfect couple had stopped to have a drink, but we ran past them and well out of their sight before we stopped. So, what happened to the "it doesn't matter what anyone think" philosophy?

Anyway, run finished, no pain, thought all was well, till the next day. I can still feel pain down inner thigh now, so it looks like I'll have to rest for longer - maybe a week? Has anyone else had this?

And on top of all else, I can't go out today for a walk or swim as one of my dogs has severe trots, not funny when he's a Great Dane, we've been to the vets but although he's got tablets it's going to be a day or so before I can risk leaving him.

Perhaps I should have asked the vet about my leg.......

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Well done! We have a few of those "perfect" people too who I insist must not have one sweat gland on their body and who went to go see a professional stylist before stepping out onto the track. I pray as I pass them that they can't hear me huffing and puffing. BUT, when it comes down to it, I am a good 20-30 years older then them, so to heck with them! ;-) GREAT job on getting through week 4!!!! I had pain in my hip joint, right where the leg bends. It seemed better as I walked it out but for awhile it was down right painful. I hope you find relief soon! Best of luck to you with future runs and I hope your Dane is feeling better soon!


Frankly, if those perfect people ares not sweating they're not working hard enough. Unless they both happen to have one of those wierd sweat gland things where they never perspire, which is highly unlikely!! I'm drenched from my runs, red in the face and look an absolute state but that's the way I want it! I know I'm pushing my own limits and getting fitter and faster as a result! Seriously don't worry about the plastic people! They'll get theirs in time ;)

Anyway fantastic job on completing week 4. Your inner thighs might be a reaction to that extra push at the end? Hopefully a day or so more and you'll be fit to run. It's great that you have each other to inspire and motivate when you're actually out there. Keep positive and enjoy the journey! :)


Well done on completing week4! I did w4 for the 4th time today as I felt a bit rubbish after no sleep and a rough day at work, but was not going to allow myself any excuses not to run - so I repeated instead.

I've had some knee pain with w4, and wondered whether to rest it or not. One day I did a walk instead of run, but counted it as a 2nd rest day and was luckily able to run (carefully) the next day.

I found some great stretches on youtube and also on Runners World. I felt a bit of a fraud joining runners world, as I don't consider myself a runner yet, but I found there's some good stuff for beginners and some great stretches which explained more about the muscles and which ones need stretching.

I know just what you mean about the perfect couples. I am usually puffing, sweaty and bright red after my run as I stagger back in the door! :-) Most of the time I can tell myself that though I may not be the prettiest sight while jogging, at least (or 'at last' in my case) I am doing something about it, and getting fitter and healthier with each run. Keep up the good work!

Hope you and your Great Dane both feel better soon! :-)


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