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What's the best way to aid the recovery of quad muscles?

Okay, so I've been unable to partake in C25K this week as I went with a bunch of people from work to a pretty hardcore Laser Tag session on Tuesday... And as a result have knackered the muscles in the tops of my legs, at the front. I'm rubbish with muscle names, but I've been told they might be the quads?

I'm currently hobbling up and down stairs and getting serious pain when I get up after sitting still for too long. Sore, sore, sore. Don't get me wrong, the event was completely worth it, but this hurts a lot and I'd love to know if there's something I can do to help my body recover.

Thanks in advance!

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I copy the 'mauling the calves' technique that ultra-distance runner Helen Hall does in this video, she also shows that she uses it on hamstrings and quads too - I do it with a rolling pin and it works very well for me:


Thanks suki, I'll give it a shot! I don't have a rolling pin, so may have to improvise, ha. I've been doing something basically the same as her trigger pointing, but obviously not hard enough! Feeling a little looser today, so hopefully on the way back to normal now :)


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