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W3R2 - A step in the right direction but still getting niggles - HELP!!!!

W3R2 this morning, and early it was as I set out at 6am. On the whole it was easier than run 1 for sure and I was pleased to have something in the tank to fight through the second 3 minute run. Endurance is definitely going in the right direction.

But, I'm still getting niggles in my left calf and no matter how much stretching I do they aren't really going away. I tore my left calf 18 months ago and while it is compleely recovered, I do 'nurse' it a bit and I'm paranoid of re-injuring it. The niggles are like a build up or ache that can turn into what feels like cramp. I don't feel as though the muscle is going to give way but it is distracting me as I do the runs and as I mentioned in a previous blog, they're worse when walking than running for some reason.

Now I've had my gait measured and got some cracking running shoes that are like mini duvets they're that comfy. I used to dance in my youth so am totally into stretching and have really focused on my left leg to try and make sure all the muscles are relaxed but it's clearly not working.

Really could do with some advice on this. The jump from week 3 to week 4 is SCARY (9 mins to 16????? Are you kidding me?) I feel as though I'm starting to hit a brick wall and that my calf will be my undoing next week. I have lowered my speed; done everything that every website advises but am still having issues. Issues that totally disappear as soon as I finish the run.

HELP please!!!!!!

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Hi I graduated at the week end I am 73 years old, had quite a few aches and pains to start with, still do at times like today after I did my first 5km. But before each morning run I have my blood pressure tablets and two paracetamols, try it ,it might work for you .Pat ;-)


Hi Fraz, Firstly well done on the run this morning, I'm glad you got through. I wish I were medically trained in anyway and could advise on your leg but alas I have no idea. Maybe a quick visit to your GP and explain your concerns, see what they feel is the risk of a recurrence of your original injury ? At least they'll be qualified and will likely just suggest you take it easy, don't push too hard.

I hope it calms down and you can carry on. Good luck.


The jump from week 3 to 4 is not that bad. Yes, you are running for nearly double the amount of time but there are recovery walks so I didn't feel as if I was running that much more.


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