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Sore Shins, numb toes

Week 1 run 1 today. I went and got properly fitted for shoes and got the running socks too before I started Got shin pain early on and quit running after the 5th run as it was hard enough walking by then, not only the shins but general muscle fatigue, and I was still a mile from home with a hill to walk up. Shin pain eased while walking up hill and is ok now. I was surprised how hard it was as I've been doing regular walking for 5 weeks, 2.5 to 3 miles at a time with an average speed of around 3.36mph.

Wondering if it's getting used to the weight of running shoes as opposed to the sandals I've mostly worn when walking. My toes were numb too.

Any advice welcome before I go again on Thursday.

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Sore shins is pretty normal I am afraid, don't worry about that it doesn't mean you are genetically I suited to running or anything. Like the rest of us it just means those muscles are likely a bit weaker than they might be.

Sort yourself some calf strengthening and stretching exercises and keep doing them. Luckily they are free and can be done in idle moments at home. There is no instant fix just keep at it it will pass as the muscles strengthen.


Thanks. Anybody got any favourites?

I do foot circles most days anyway... it helps with restless legs.


toe tapping is good for sore shins

i do this all the time if im stood around


This was my regime (and stil is to an extent).


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