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Ankle pain

Last night I felt like crowing as I did W2R2 successfully - had had trouble with R1 so was really pleased with myself. This morning I have a bit of a painful ankle. It doesn't hurt when the foot is resting or when I stand still, it hurts when I put the foot down or start to move forward.

tbh it doesn't hurt that much, just a bit worried that it might get worse unless I'm careful. For various reasons I will have 2 rest days instead of one before R3. Is it ok to run if it still hurts? I'm running on the pavement btw.

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This sounds exactly what I've been getting over the past week. I would recommend taking an extra day off and taking it as easy as you can next time. Don't push yourself too far or you could end up injuring yourself even more.


be careful, I pushed myself with an ankle injury and then had to rest for a month, its still not pain free yet.


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